Finding a job that is matching user skills take long time and effort. First of all you need to know the strongest job search websites, then search frequently in them. This process is very tedious and lazy

What it does

Now and using new Alexa Skill called "Jobs search" things become more funny and easier. This skill will get searching criteria from user and search in many job sites and feed him back with available jobs. From Alexa mobile app, user can find link for the job to apply on it if he like it.

Currently skill searches only in one job sit (Github API). Skill is live since 6 march 2017

How I built it

This service is built using Amazon Alexa skill with node.js as Lambda function.

What's next for Voice Job Search

  • Currently I'm only search for jobs using Github Jobs APIs. later I can add more job websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed
  • Also We can save search criteria to be used later without need to enter it everytime
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