Inspired by the lack of social connection among people. We noticed the main difference between implementing a change and making a change for the society was due to the lack of communication. There are people who care about the well-being of the community and those can have the power to make such positive community changes. We hoped this application would provide a bridge for both parties to not only make a local change but also make a provincial and national change.

What it does

This android application is a platform for community members to mutually voice their opinions and concerns of social, environmental, technological, infrastructural, educational or other matter. With a constant real-time feed and various categories, users can recognize and voice their opinion on the particular matter through the polls or comments.

How we built it

Built using XML for front-end and Java for back-end on the Android Studio platform.

Challenges we ran into

Technical challenges we faced was learning Android Studios and dealing with its poor debugging methods. We also had trouble creating stacks of tiles with information and formatting depending on user actions. Lastly, we had some difficulties when combining everyone's code together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our idea, teamwork, and efforts. In particular, we are proud of our User Interface, and the overall simplicity of the app.

What we learned

We learnt each other's strengths and weaknesses that helped to form a better team. HackWestern has a lot of good resources and help available

What's next for Voice It

Summarize the overall and real meaning of large number of comments using Google's Cloud Natural Platform. To incorporate social media API's for easy sharing and further target audience reach.

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