Quotacy's mission is for everyone who has a loved one who depends on them to have life insurance. Voice is a growing channel, and we beleive this project will help us with our goal of getting 1 million families life insurance.

What it does

Voice First Life Insurance is the first fully functional voice life insurance quoting tool that compares the market for you and returns quotes from the nation’s top insurance companies. After answering a few questions to refine your quotes even more, you can choose to continue and receive a code to seamlessly start the application process.

How I built it

Voice First Life Insurance was build with the new Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Toolkit Exention in Visual Studio Code. The extension is perfectly integrated for Alexa development. APL templates were created with the online APL Auth tool, which is another great addition for Alexa. The skill was built in Node.js and used a private API owned by

Challenges I ran into

The development community is really great with Alexa Skills, I didn't run into much that I had to struggle with for too long. I had so much fun developing this, that I would say this... any challenges I had, ended up to be opportunities

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This skill turned out way better than I originally hoped. The recognition of intents is usually really accurate, are really easy for the end-user and I really think it's going to help Quotacy grow as a startup.

What I learned

I learned so much about Amazon services, CloudWatch for logging and Metrics. Alexa developer console for testing, deeper handling of intents and conversations and APL for making really nice looking visuals. This experience helped me grow in my overall understanding of Amazon Development.

What's next for Voice First Life Insurance

There is so much I hope to build in the future. One of my next favorite features will be to build a method of checking on the status of your life insurance application simple by asking Alexa.

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