Using and MQTT to build an IOT smart home

I have been developing front end solutions for IOT projects for a while now and I also wanted to push it a step further for smart homes. I have been studying Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for some months now and wanted to apply natural language processing to one of my projects. Getting to know opened many possibilities for me and I found it very useful for a smart home project which are mostly voice or gesture enabled

What it does

The project uses MQTT protocol which is mostly used by IOT enabled devices like Arduino for communication and - the natural language processing API to create a simple voice enabled web app to turn on/off devices in a home. For example you can say "Turn Lights On" or "Set AC to 35 degrees"

How I built it

I used and Paho MQTT Client API libraries as core technologies. allowed me to structure the voice commands while MQTT Client published commands to the cloud broker. I used HTML ,CSS and JS as the programming framework.

Challenges I ran into

The Paho Client does not support SSL, so there is a connection error when host the app on a secured domain

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Taking my IOT project a step further to add natural language processing is a great achievement

What I learned

I had more practical experience working with NLP model, because dashboard is intuitive

What's next for Voice Enabled Smart Home

Collaborate with IOT device builders to support them with a front-end web/mobile applications

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