My idea is to integrate voice control capability into the existing power lifts used by people with lower limb paralysis. I am a quadriplegic who uses a power wheelchair to live on a semi-independent basis. I transfer into my wheelchair via a powered Hoyer lift.

Being I do not have use of my thumbs, I have been working on a method to control a lift over my local network via voice using an Alexa device, a custom Alexa skill, and an Arduino type microcontroller to send commands to the Hoyer Lift.

This would Enable Paralyzed Individuals to be able to Safely and Independently Transfer from Wheelchair to Anywhere and Back Again.

The potential gains in independence for people living with paralysis combined with the economic benefit of not needing another person for transfer to and from the wheelchair are almost incalculable, especially combined with the minuscule cost of necessary hardware.

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