Our team members have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of therapy in the lives of their families. Recognizing the power of therapy and driven by the vision of making it more accessible, we embarked on this journey. The advantages of AI therapy, such as anonymity and the elimination of judgment, could encourage more people to seek help and change their lives for the better.

What it does

Violet is a voice-enabled AI therapist designed to revolutionize therapeutic conversations. Unlike most AI therapists that function as chatbots, Violet engages users in natural conversations. Using state-of-the-art GPT-4 and Hume AI technologies, Violet goes beyond transcribing live audio to understanding users' facial expressions and speech prosody. This comprehension of emotional cues, processed in our Python backend, allows Violet to assess the user's emotional state. The experience is further enhanced by the high fidelity voice output from ElevenLabs' voice cloning technology.

How we built it

Users interact with Violet via a website interface, speaking their thoughts and feelings aloud. Violet transcribes the audio in real-time through the Web Speech API. Simultaneously, our Python backend processes the video and audio data to align the user's words with their expressed emotions. This information, computed on a basis of 1-2 sentences or every five seconds, is used to inform Violet's responses, helping her to respond in a manner that makes the user feel understood, welcome, and cared for.

Business Model

Our business model is informed by extensive customer discovery interviews. We offer a free trial that allows users to experience Violet's transformative potential. Once the trial period concludes, users can continue their therapeutic journey with Violet through an accessible subscription model.

Challenges we ran into

The integration of Hume AI and ensuring the seamless functionality of all features was a complex task. In particular, the development of our Python backend, designed to process and correlate users' emotions, words, and facial expressions, presented significant challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We take immense pride in our innovative approach of integrating Hume AI and GPT-4 to create Violet. This unique blend of technologies allows Violet to offer an unprecedented level of quality in AI therapy. She is designed not only to understand users but also to remember their emotional state and respond to them in the most empathetic manner possible.

What we learned

The journey of creating Violet has taught us that even ambitious visions can be realized with determination, the right team, and advanced technology. We also learned valuable lessons about the significance of customer feedback in shaping our service.

What's next for Voice-Enabled AI Therapist

We envision Violet evolving into the most reassuring and welcoming AI therapist. As she interacts with users over time, Violet will learn to understand not just their words but their deepest emotions, making each conversation more comforting and personalized. In the future, we hope that Violet can be a catalyst for positive change, spreading joy and helping users navigate challenging events in their lives. We're dedicated to making Violet an essential companion, changing lives for the better, and filling the world with more joy.

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