The idea behind this project is to create a smart IOT device that is voice controlled with simple components available to everyone.

What it does

Developed a smart system that monitors temperature and light within a 3D printed box. The temperature can be obtained by asking the Amazon Echo "what's the temperature". It is also responsive to commands to turn ON or OFF the light. When the temperature value is too high an SMS is sent to the phone. This could possibly alert someone of a fire happening somewhere and alert emergency services.

How I built it

This smart IOT system uses two main hardware components. A Particle Photon, it is a tiny microcontroller with wifi integrated. Temperature and light sensors are connected to it and some information can be displayed through an RGB Led. The microcontroller is interfaced with an Amazon Echo that is able to process the data through speech requests. AWS was used to create a Lambda function that is triggered with Alexa Skill. The text message is sent using a webhook from Particle Photon and the Twilio API.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into issues related to AWS as it was the first time that I used AWS and I wasn't familiar with database, js and json.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of having been able to learn new technologies related to software while I have a hardware background. I'm glad that I interfaced hardware and software by integrating different services.

What I learned

I learned about AWS, Lambda, JS, json, Alexa, Twilio ...

What's next for Voice Controlled IOT System

The next part is to build a cloud interface with all the data displayed in live graphs. Some machine learning could be applied to predict future values. The addition of a gas sensor and some kind of display would be beneficial for the project.

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