With cars becoming autonomous, we wanted to somehow keep people driving hands-free yet still have control over their car. We believe that using voice commands is a convenient yet attentive way to drive.

What it does

Our rc car is able to take voice commands from our android app via bluetooth to dictate in what direction to drive in. The app takes input from the usere's voice then interprets it as text to send then to the car.

How we built it

For the app, we used android studio on java. We looked up how to use android studio and how to code in java, voice recognition algorithms, and troubleshooting to get our current product.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the app was a very new and challenging process. We didn't even have the necessary IDEs so a lot of time was spent slowly downloading each one. Then, once we got everything set up, we spent countless hours trying to get the app at least close to working. Building the car itself was also unexpectedly difficult. The arduino program as well as the breadboard for the car weren't working as hoped, so we ended up having to ask help from several people.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think what we're most proud of is finally getting the ground work for our project setup. All the struggles put into just dowloading necessary tools and figuring out what to do will open up the future for our current project and more to come.

What we learned

We learned that dowloading IDes and other tools takes a lot of time in the beginning and can really be detremental to our progress. We also learned that ask all sorts of people to help! You'll never know who you'll bump into.

What's next for Voice-Controlled Car

First off, we hope to get our car properly running, so that it can accept commands. Then, we will find a way to get the app to work so that it can properly take speech into text.

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