Have you ever downloaded a calorie tracking app on your smartphone and deleted it after few attempts because it was too much of a pain to use? Do you really have the time to type all the food you ate into a massive database and confuse yourself with all the similar items? Have you ever chosen to give up after inputting 3 food items because it has already taken about 10 minutes of your lunchtime? If you have ever felt any of these frustrations, this app is here for you! Our application is solely built based on a user-friendly principle to help us stay away from these troubles.

What it does

  • Take in voice of user about what they ate
  • Search the food item in the database
  • Show the total calorie intake of the day
  • Inform the user of whether the calorie intake is too high, moderate, or too low
  • The color scheme of green to red to visualize calorie intake amount
  • Show detail information of the calories of each food item the user ate
    • History of how much calories the user ate for each food item

How we built it

The frontend is developed and hosted on an Android device. The frontend utilizes Google Voice Recognition Service to input user audio queries The backend is developed in Python with django and its rest framework. The backend RESTful API endpoints are deployed and hosted on Heroku The data is sent and retrieved using RESTful web services The SQLite database stores all the relevant data involving food calorie pairs and user record We used GitHub as our central version control system.

Challenges we ran into

Deployment configuration UI from React Native to Android Studio Backend RESTful endpoints development Add Animation End to end integration

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Usability: Instead of typing in all the entries, just hold the button and tell the app what you ate. Simplicity: All the users have to do is speak, the rest of the work is taken care of. Efficiency: Adding in an entire meal would take a user less than a minute.

What we learned


What's next for Voice Calorie Tracking

  • Allow users to customize calories for food in the database
  • User login page
  • Allow calorie information sharing with friends
  • More accurate fuzzy-search
  • Bigger database (increase as user customize food calorie information)

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