Make navigating around User Interfaces more accessible, simpler and fun by using voice enabled navigation.

What it does

A chrome extension enabling users to use voice for navigating around in the browser. Supports moving around the page, clicking on links, navigating to main sections of a site.

How I built it

Built with <3 and...

  • SpeechRecognition interface in Javascript to interpret speech to text.
  • Grammar and Regular Expression matching to determine commands.
  • Extended Vimium to enable voice based navigation.

Challenges I ran into

  • SpeechRecognition interface doesn't have too many features, configurations, and support for natural language processing.
  • Many websites are bloated with javascript, ads, etc thus lots of collisions fighting for HTML and Web APIs with the chrome extension.
  • Reading and understanding Vimium source code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Self-rolled speech parsing.
  • Understand the anatomy of a Chrome Extension.
  • Comprehend thousands of lines of Vimium source code to use it and extend it.

What I learned

Chrome Extensions, Javascript, Speech Recognition.

What's next for Voice Enabled Browser Navigator

Have fun with it!

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