Inspiration I'm a diabetes educator, not a computer expert. My patients taking insulin need easy, accurate voice-assisted carb-counting assistance that avoids the clunky searchable databases available in today's apps and webpages. They should be able to access this info just like a Siri or Alexa search and do it anywhere (this could also be incorporated into insulin pumps). For example:

(voice command): "Add meal" (voice command): "Add Mcdonald's quarter pounder with cheese" (voice command): "Add medium Mcdonald's fries" (voice command): "Add large Diet Coke" (voice command) "End meal and calculate"

The software would then calculate the total carbs for that meal and then offer a bolus insulin dosage based on an insulin to carb ratio; if wirelessly integrated with insulin pumps, this would vastly decrease the time associated with manual carb entry while improving accuracy and, thus, glycemic control. It may also decrease unexplained glucose excursions caused by inaccurate carb counting. I have no idea why this isn't available technology already but it needs to happen ASAP.

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