The Voice Assistant that I plan to develop will be delivered via the Google Assistant initially on Voice devices like Google Home. The aim of this assistant is to help the Diabetes patient deal with it as its personal buddy that helps him/her in multiple areas. The Voice Assistant can also be used by anyone to learn more about Diabetes and how they can engage is active prevention in case of their lifestyle.


Each of these features are areas in which the user can engage with the Voice Assistant. The interaction will be via voice and in Natural Language. The current target will be US English and later on the languages that are supported on Google Home in the initial version.

The different features of this Voice Assistant will be the following:

General Information

It will provide information on the type of diabetes, medication required, lifestyle changes and more.


Being active is important for diabetes control. You can talk with your assistant to mention how active you were i.e. number of steps, a run, etc. It will save this information and also inform you of stepping up your activity in case there is a shortfall.


You can talk to the Assistant and setup reminders and the dosages that are needed. You can then inform the assistant when you take your medication. It will keep a track of the medication and in case you are missing any. It can give you this information in a snap.


You can control the amount of calories being taken in along with the kind of food that you are consuming. You can ask the assistant for calorie information on certain types of foods, what foods should be avoided and more.

Stress Management

It is important to keep stress levels in check since it can be a major contributing factor to a rise in diabetes levels. The Assistant will provide you information stress along with some soothing noises, meditation tips and more.

Emergency Calling

You can set up emergency numbers in case you would like to call at any time. In certain countries where voice calling is supported on Google Home, this feature can work.

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