Environmental crises don’t discriminate. In fact, everyone will someday feel the effects of climate change, plastic-filled oceans, and polluted air. Yet the rate and severity of these effects are not distributed equally. Like so much else, marginalized communities do and will continue to suffer sooner and more than privileged communities.

What it does

Voices Amplified strives to elevate the voices of impacted communities and expose these disparities. The platform allows people to put their money where their heart is or join in on the cause

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

  1. time differences within team members
  2. lack of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By collaborating, we came up with this project that personally proud of and want it to actually happen.

What we learned

Collaborating is the key when working with team from all over the world.

What's next for Voices Amplified

With time constraint, we built this platform as we imagined together. Next stop will be testing usability and after that will add on more personalized features and also connect with local communities in need.


Built With

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