Inspiration: Classic Text Adventures

There are tons of interactive narrative masterpieces ignored in the modern age because of their antiquated delivery systems. This includes millions of text adventures and chose your own adventure stories. Many of these are now in the public domain.

What it does: Add Technology

By integrating modern technology we're able to rejuvinate and revive these works.

  • IBM Watson reads the adventures and recognizes player speech for interaction.
  • Using the Affectiva SDK, we bring in head tracking and emotional awareness.
  • This actually revolutionizes immersive presence by removing the need for any extra equipment.

How I built it


Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Seeing for the blind

  • By creating virtual worlds with a hands-free interface - we make accessible worlds of content to those without sight.
  • Our use of the Affectiva SDK amazed their engineers and executives.

What I learned

Technology + Community is a magic combination

What's next for Voice Adventure

Kickstarter and full global release.

Built With

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