challenge to build voice commerce platform

What it does

it fulfill the customer requirement through Self Service and customer engagement experience with voice enterprise application

How I built it

1- Youth Self Services(AWS-BI) ( language speech based input Client--Cordova+ASL Alexa Server--Acumaatica Cloud ERP, Database--AWS+Splunk Enterprise/Spark + Cassandra ,

2- Integrration Cloud BigData, iOLAP, Tact,, https:/ Payment Gateway :BlockChain Blockchain database

3- Cloud Talend, BEAM


Enterprise Database warehouse as a service

Challenges I ran into

making Voice Commerce Platform

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

making Voice Commerce Platform

What I learned

we can do innovation

What's next for Vodafone Youth Self Service

connecting to IoT

Built With

  • accumatica-cloud-erp
  • apache-beam
  • ask-alexa
  • aws-self-service
  • bigdata
  • blockchain
  • cassandra
  • client
  • cloud-database
  • crm
  • database
  • datawarehouse
  • enterprise-service-bus
  • iolap
  • management-bi
  • sass
  • server
  • snowflack
  • splunk-enterprise
  • voice-enable-enterprise
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