Inspiration :

Considering our experience in Android and looking at the real-time problem statements inspired us to take part in this Competition.

What it does

Using the smart data analysis, we have taken out the average details of each user's session depending on his interest, and frequent visits to different offers of various brands will be analyzed with respect to different states. Also, we have provided voice-based assistance for the offers currently available. The location of the user is being tracked using GPS, and the offers for brands nearby will be displayed.

How we built it

We have built it with the help of Android Studio, using various API's like the REST, Alexa, Google APIs. .

Challenges we ran into

Geographical tracking, Voice based discovery using Alexa, smart data analysis of users

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Real-time verification using OTP from CRM database, Dashboard, Voice based input, All offers for job seekers.

What we learned

Time management skills, Team working, logical thinking for smart implementation of the project and much more.

What's next for Vodafone - AkWorriors

Using machine learning, AI and google analytics considering the privacy concerns of users we can track his/her interest. With the help of smart chatbot, we can also provide network services where network issues occur.

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