Vocode - Voice to code assistant

Vocode is designed to be an assistive voice-to-code program.

User Stories

  • [x] Create if statements using unique grammars
  • [x] Create for loops
  • [x] Create while loops
  • [x] Move curser directionally
  • [x] Scroll page up
  • [x] Scroll page down
  • [x] Define functions
  • [x] Define variables
  • [x] Define dictionaries
  • [x] Define arrays
  • [x] Define sets
  • [x] Undo
  • [x] Redo
  • [x] Select all
  • [x] Select line
  • [x] Select character
  • [x] Delete
  • [x] Delete line
  • [x] Copy
  • [x] Paste
  • [ ] Single click install


_vocode.py is the main file that runs the Vim grammar engine. When making changes to other files, poke this file to make sure Natlink will detect the changed files.

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