Countless avid programmers around the world suffer with Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) due to hours upon hours of continuous coding. Even more people live with accessibility issues, hindering them from performing motor actions like typing, writing and overall utility of the computer. Vocode can change the status quo.

Vocode integrates the Nuance Natural Language Understanding (MLU) API, Azure web server and a dotTech domain to form a polished speech to text coding platform. Simply speak into the microphone and Vocode will interpret the words into executable code.

According to a commentor on, the average english speaker speaks at approximately 110–150 wpm. Audiobooks are recorded at 150-160 wpm. Auctioneers can speak at about 250 wpm, and the fastest speaking policy debaters speak from 350-500 wpm. For comparison an average computer typist can produce 50-80 wpm while the record typists can achieve up to 150 wpm. Gone are the days when people must waste hours at inefficiently typing code. Welcome to the new world. Welcome to Vocode.

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