I used to hate public speaking! But my career required it. So after going through speech coaching, and watching hours of feedback coaches used to give, I realized that some of these could be automated. Particularly the feedback on body language during public speaking.

What it does

We built an ML based video analytics engine to detect body language for public speaking. You simply record a video into our web app, and when you hit stop, Vocalytics would give you instant feedback on areas you could improve on.

It's been trained to detect the following for now:

  1. Hand gestures
  2. Power pose
  3. Ready pose

What's next for Vocalytics

This is just the beginning for the feedback Vocalytics can give. The goal is to build an A.I. that can give human like feedback on public speaking. This would entail training it to detect several other important non-verbal features, e.g. facial animation, eye gaze and so on.

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