Slack is a great messaging app for teams. Its extensibility allows teams of all shapes to be efficient like customer support and many more. However what about teams with members "on the go" like sales, services, which may not be able to communicate efficiently through text.

Vocalize adds voice messaging to Slack. It is like Periscope for voice. It allows broadcasting to many receivers in real-time without the need of plugins or installs.

Vocalize is real-time and asynchronous, on the other hand voice or video conferencing solutions require all members to participate at the same time.

Vocalize is not like Whatsup audio file uploads or iMessage that are not real-time and cannot be used for back and forth conversations.

When on the go you can put Slack in the background and your voice messages will play automatically like with a real walkie-talkie.

Vocalize generates a unique url that can be used by anyone to start tuning to the real-time voice message seamlessly. It can be used with Twitter and other social apps, the possibilities are endless...

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