Learning a language from scratch is a challenge in terms of learning new words. Vocabulary is the key to achieve proficiency in any language, but learning it by heart is not a good method for everyone. But that's not the only challenge, some languages differ in how words are pronounced from how they are written. So what we can do?

So, based on the "flashcard" method for learning things, we decided to create a game-challenge Alexa Skill that will help you at learning words in English, for Spanish speakers, by listening to them (and seeing them if you have a device with screen).

What it does

Everyday, Alexa will challenge you to answer what 20 new English words are in Spanish. If you fail a word, Alexa will repeat it later (after the challenge, or tomorrow) until you learn what the word is in Spanish.

The skill will ask you for your English level (basic or intermediate) and will ask you "how do you say __ in English?", giving you more hints, or spelling it, depending on the English level selected. You'll say a word, and Alexa will tell you if that's the word, if not, or if that's another meaning of the same word (ie: verb instead of a noun).

The 20 words are grouped, making 4 game rounds of 5 words. After every round, Alexa will ask you if you want to continue with more words. At the end of every game session, Alexa will tell you your daily progress.

There's also a non-stop mode if you come back on the same day, in which you'll review the failed words, or you'll repeat any word Alexa has asked you before.

The skill can be used for up to 5 players per device.


We have designed the Skill to be used by voice first, and the multimodal mode supports voice in three ways:

  • selecting a player
  • selecting your English level
  • showing info also provided by voice


This Alexa Skill is only available in Spanish, at the Spain Store.


Carlos Muñoz-Romero & Nieves Ábalos,

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