Have you ever wanted to learn a new word in a new language or your own, and 5 seconds after learning it you have already forgotten?

We have built a system which increases the frequency with which you see the word that you want to learn, by replacing the similar words or phrases with the difficult word.

By increasing the frequency with which you encounter the word you want to learn, your brain subconsciously learns the new word without any effort.

To use it, you download our browser plugin, which syncs with our system. You can simply select and add any word and it will automatically replace all similar words with the word that you want to learn across all browser pages, completely in the background.

We are extremely proud of our custom grammar lexer/parser which makes sure that the word replacements are grammatically correct and do not interfere with your reading experience.

Our multi-language feature enables us to embed foreign words in English texts to help you contextually understand the meaning of the words.

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