Team Name: AAACK

Project Name: Werdy Wordes


What it does:

Werdy Wordes is a Chrome Extension whose goal is to help expand the vocabulary of its users. It can simplify complicated vocabulary at a simple click of a button. Werdy Wordes offers synonyms to better understand the confusing word at hand, but can also replace random words with more complex ones to rapidly learn new words.

How we built it:

We all started by learning how to create Chrome extensions. Then, we split into subsections to tackle different features of our final product. We would be in constant communication to resolve bugs and keep each other updated with what was going on through Github.

Challenges we ran into:

Kana’s laptop ;(

Many web dev things, since we are all new (JSON-bear, our mascot (sv (adv have can) (adj nobody else)); we wept when Winnie’s widow was wrongfully wrested (from us) whilst we were waned with weariness ( ;{ )) Laptops are bad sleeping surfaces. Also you can cancel running programs with your head.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

Getting better synonyms by using “bag-of-nearby-words” context. Synonyms which are frequently used with the words found near a replaced word are considered to be a better fit. This frequency table was generated from the OANC dataset of ~15 million words.

What we learned:




Chrome extensions

Future Plans:

One future plan is to integrate this extension with an apps script to be able to use [NAME] for Google Drive documents as well. This would be extremely useful for anyone writing essays, articles, and such, to be able to appeal to whichever kind of audience they desire - a more formal or colloquial one.

Built With: - Thesaurus API






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