inspiration; fame, wanting to compete with friends, to create a useful tool that even we can use to study

what it is; Vocab is a vocabulary study app that allows users to create, modify and share word study lists for the use of memorizing a series of definitions.

Vocab includes tools for studying, the most predominant being the quiz mode where users can test their knowledge by quizzing themselves based on the in app quiz mode that mimics the conditions of a multiple choice or matching quiz. Vocab also supports flash card type studying where words can be shown one at a time, with the definitions being shown a click after. The main idea of Vocab is to provide users with a convenient way to study that allows users to quickly and easily access their word list and quiz themselves from anywhere, at any time.

How we built it; through Figma with two and a half designers

Challenges we ran into; short time limit, working online / technical difficulties, difficulty figuring out what to use for making the app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

making it work

What we learned

teamwork skills

What's next for Vocab

continue working on Vocab after the competition.

Built With

  • figma
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