In our day-to-day life, we have become tedious and stressed that we have forgotten the term called leisure time (free time) and we have remember that time when the pandemic starts all workers started working remotely and they get a chance to explore themselves in the world of internet and try there hands out on platforms such as Omegle, Chatrandom, Vimeo, etc which gives a chance of Livestream, interaction with others, etc. such platforms came out with a boost of 1000s of active users. Problems we face using such platforms:-

  • Security Threats,
  • Cyberbullying,
  • sell personal information to third parties,
  • information may be used for advertising purposes.
  • monitoring your msgs and calls for tracking purposes. Using spy cams and the number of bots is more than real users so using such a site in your leisure time may end up your privacy, and clicking on unknown links may suffer you a lot. we just come here to spend our time but we don't know that such sites promote malicious activity we use these sites and unknowingly we support them to do such activities and we get out of our private zones.

We are facing these problems, but unknowingly we travel to such websites which promote malicious acts and we become part of such activities. we don't have such kind of site which gives us full of control for your camera, mic, messages, etc even we are in the vision of such sites where our messages and our voice are recorded and be in business to make profit out of it.

What it does

VMEET allows you to socialize worldwide users without sharing personal information & provides you full of privacy as it does not take any personal info even gives you the option to close your mic and camera. It pairs random users in chat and video call set-ups, identified as ‘You’ and ‘user’ It is free and anonymous to use, with no account registration or age verification.

All you need to do is:

  • Enter Your User Name
  • Search A Chat Room You Wanna Join OR Join Any Random Chatroom, Else You Can Create Your Own Room Too.
  • Wait A Moment Until New User Arrives Or if Users Are Present Over There Start Conversion With them
  • You May Use Video Call Feature or Text Message Feature It’s Upon You.
  • You Have Full Control On Your Mic, Camera, And messages.

How we built it

We used peerjs and for peer-to-peer connections between users. Room functionality was added using node and The web app is built using express.js and node.js and HTML5/CSS3/Js.

Challenges we ran into

  • creating a real-time video calling system using peer.js

vmeet is a marketplace for finding random users and starting getting interact with them. The tricky part is handling real-time video conferences.

  • creating a real-time chat system using

One of the key challenges for marketplace platforms is ensuring the quality of service. sending real-time messages without using and database.

  • Smart Filter Option:

Making it easier to find your friend's room

  • peer-to-peer connectivity
    • The tricky part is to handle real-time video conferences and chats at the same time in peer to peer network (no database)
    • showing real-time active users of any room
  • create your rooms

this feature will help a lot of users so they may have fun with their friends in the same rooms

  • giving full access to control your mic and camera

this is one of the basic needs of all users for their privacy concern

  • Minimalist UI/UX

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • To build a platform with high security and privacy standards
  • Implementing solutions and techniques that help with the same

What we learned

  • It’s all about User Interface and User Experience
  • Learned how to do structuring for the projects and use data structures for better User Experience
  • learned how peer-to-peer networks work using peer.js
  • learned how to create real-time chat apps without using any database (
  • Deploying frontend and backend-based projects using Heroku

What's next for VMEET

  • working more on privacy and security
  • creating rooms with passwords so you may have conferences with your groups
  • can turn off screens and voices of other users so they may cant do any vulgar activity
  • enable streaming on low bandwidth networks
  • enabling users to do screen sharing
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