vLine’s Salesforce1-integrated app provides one-click, real-time video chat with contacts on desktop or mobile. We make it simple to have face-to-face meetings while on-the-go.

By combining Salesforce1 with vLine, Salesforce users can easily communicate with their contacts via high-quality face-to-face video chat which helps them close sales with clients, provide customer service, recruit and interview new employees, and communicate with the home office while traveling.

  • Innovation - High quality video conferencing that does not require any sign-ups or desktop downloads, and has a mobile experience that just works. vLine’s system of geo-distributed servers means that Salesforce users will always be able to video chat with their contacts no matter where they are.

  • Business Value - Face-to-face communication is essential for successful business relationships. vLine’s high quality video conferencing integrated into Salesforce provides exactly this.

  • User Experience - vLine’s high quality video chat is accessible directly from a contact’s view or from calendar event creation. This makes it easier to set up a video chat than a traditional conference call.

  • Use of Salesforce Platform - The contact view is connected to vLine via a Visualforce page that interacts with vLine’s Salesforce front-end service running on Heroku. The Visualforce page leverages apex, javascript, and the sforce AJAX toolkit.

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