There are a lot of people in this world with much fewer opportunities than others. These are geographical issues, economical issues, even political sometimes. We would like to shorten this barrier with what we think that is the true bridge between worlds: education. Our project tries to revolutionise education, and connect people to help each other to grow together.

What it does

It is an online platform, whose purpose is to connect students and teachers together. It will be a non-profit platform, which will match teachers and classes of students based on their interests, gained skill and experience into a video conference. Most of the work done by the teachers is supposed to be volunteer work, but it is possible for them to receive tips.

To measure the skill of a student, they will receive an examination based on their current skill level & courses taken. The new result will be used to update the skill status.

How we built it

We have used the Cisco API to create a chat bot that does the initial user registration into a database. This is done mostly in Python and NodeJs. We also have a web app that works as the video chat room for the teacher and the students. The teacher can see all the students, the students can see only the teacher, and can potentially 'raise their hand' to ask a question by pushing a button. This has been done by reworking the logic of a Webex repo, which is built in NodeJs and Javascript. For the testing framework, we have made some questions which can be parsed as JSON files into a database. This database can also be used to match students and teachers based on their current skills and interests. The logic is done in NodeJs and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting everything together

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an almost complete program, with a functional chat bot and options to connect multiple people in video calls.

What We learned

A lot of NodeJs and Javascript, how to build a chat bot, how to set up an online platform using Cisco's API.

What's next for VLearning

Try to present our idea to some volunteering organisations, to set up a program to provide children in developing countries with Raspberry Pi's, or any other devices that can be used, to connect to our teaching platform. Hopefully, at some point, we will bridge the education gap completely.

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