Awareness and Education are two of the essential ingredients of developing belief. Awareness has been highlighted by many as a key indicator of success in a range of performance environments. It is arguably the most important ingredient for belief as every other skill, quality, and task you have and undertake can be traced back to awareness. Being aware will give you an insight into your beliefs and whether they are positive or holding you back. But it takes a lot more than information to make kids understand and follow things. While on the other hand education is important to shape an individual. I wanted to make something that helps create awareness, about the do's and don't s of Covid-19 among kids, alongside it being entertaining, immersive, and educational. What better way than games to do this, and as VR is the best immersive technology available out there and keeping in mind the tendency of kids to explore new things, this application has been developed.

What it does

It is a multiplayer Virtual Reality Quiz Application. The app has many topics to choose from to play, which also helps spread awareness about COVID-19, other preliminary things that kids need to learn. It also has a real-time leaderboard of every topic that people choose to play.

How we built it

A. Unity3D- It is built on unity3d which is a powerful cross-platform 3D engine and a user-friendly development environment. I used unity to build the whole game from UI to Realtime database system to the game itself.

B. Google VR SDK - a new open-source Cardboard SDK for iOS and Android. I used the Google VR SDK to develop the VR game scenes, which is not possible without it.

C.Photon PUN - Photon Unity Networking (PUN) re-implements and enhances the features of Unity's built-in networking. I used it for networking.

D. Google Firebase - Firebase is Google's mobile application development platform that helps you build, improve, and grow your app. I used Firebase, to make manage database systems to verify credentials, sore data, retrieve data, update leaderboards.

E. Photoshop - I used Photoshop for the development of user interface elements.

Challenges we ran into

As this is a multiplayer application, to store and retrieve data in real-time (real-time database) I used Google-Firebase (Unity SDK), integrating it with unity has been tough work. As this is the first time I was working on networking using PUN, it has been a problem, as networking is not as easy as it seems to be, with PUN having many internal issues in my version of unity, I had to make the whole non-networking scenes again in a new version that supported PUN.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I could finish the development of the application in less than a day.

What we learned

Integration of realtime databases with unity apps, networking.

What's next for VLearn

The VR application currently supports Android, Windows and hence the next goal would be to make an ios version, redefine UI, and releasing it to production so that users can have an immersive experience of modern gaming and education techniques.

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