Taking Augemented Reality to Education, to help young students decide if they´re interested in technology

What it does

It´s an app where you see a landing menu and the app tells you it´s about to give you a tour to technology. It activates your main camera and you have to show a QR code, the app detects it and displays an augmented reality character, the first one is a robot, it explains hardware, the second one is a computer, it explains software and the last one is a robotic hand, it explains mechanics.

How I built it

Its was built using the Unity Engine and Vuforia Augented Reality

Challenges I ran into

We didn´t know how to use Unity nor AR

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishing AR

What I learned

How to use AR in Unity

What's next for VLearn

Developing more areas

Built With

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