With climate change being more severe than ever, it is evident how veganism and vegetarianism have been on the rise as well in recent years. Seeing such a trend, we also noticed how it has led to a disparity between supply and demand of vegan/vegetarian product options. This inspired us to bring convenience to those who wish to take on this sustainable lifestyle.

What it does

Our platform centers around an information-sharing function in which users could browse other people’s recipes, filter through tags, and upload their own recipes for the community to see. The user begins their experience by creating an account that would store all of their personal information related to the website. Once the profile is created, the user can then customize their bio to their liking. From there, the user can then browse through others’ recipes and save and like recipes that they are interested in. The user may log out of the website at the end of their session. Upon logging in the next time they visit the website, they may simply just enter in the email they used to sign up with and their password. The user’s information will be retained upon logging out and readily accessible whenever the user requires them.

How we built it

We first built a repository in Github and linked it to VS Code so we're all coding using the same IDE. We then used HTML, CSS, as well as Javascript for this project. We also attempted in using Firebase as our database.

Challenges we ran into

Originally we were planning to use Firebase's Cloud Firestore to store our recipe data and link it to HTML, however, we weren't that experienced with how Firebase functioned so we had to scrap our original plan.

What's next for VKitchen

We hope to expand the functionalities of the website to further serve our cause. From adding achievement badges to the profile page, adding interaction functions, restaurant recommendations, to adding forums for likeminded users to communicate, we can't wait to see where V Kitchen brings us.

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