💡 Want to get the taste of Hackathon seeing many people win and share the knowledge and experiences in LinkedIn

What it does

🏢 Gives a pretty intuitive visualization of the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the entire World and some specific regions.

How I built it

🏫 I tried to showcase my no code skills and tried to make Visualizations using a new software completely new that I am exploring a lot now which is nothing but Tableau.

Challenges I ran into

📅 Procuring the dataset was very difficult though there are many sources available. But to choose the correct dataset which is official and real was difficult Since the software is new to me I am getting used to it as much as possible to produce good visualizations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

*👷‍♂️ Got a chance to host a workshop which is my First one that too in front of an international audience in such an amazing accomplishment to me. Either winning or losing Participation is itself the biggest achievement from my point of view. *

What I learned

Learned to be patient, research a lot before starting, understand the problem statement and generate a solution based on it. And much more social-related qualities I developed personally.

What's next for Vizta Vizuals

To make a story with more Visualizations and include data from more resources to make it better. Also focus on major countries like the USA, India, and Brazil and make country-related visualizations.

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