What it does

VizPass uses facial recognition to monitor the attendance of various events. Here is how it work:

  1. A user signs up for an event at the sign up page
  2. On this signup page, they create an account using their name, and an image of themselves. These details are saved on firebase, as well as the Kairos photo recognition software.
  3. The user is automatically added to a list of users attending the event on Firebase.
  4. Upon arriving at the event, the user passes a ultrasonic sensor, which triggers a firebase event that turns on a camera (an android smartphone).
  5. The camera prompts the user to line up their face in the frame. The android phone then checks the users face against the image stored in Kairos, and uses the returned id to check if the user is in the attendance list.
  6. If the user is on the list, they are ticked off on list.
  7. The attendee list is visible at the admin website to admins. This page is created with React, and displays the list that updates live as attendees enter an event.

Challenges we ran into

The toughest component of this project was the React based website. None of our team members had very much experience with React, so it proved difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to get each component functioning properly in under 12 hours!

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