This Software was to be a visual aid to students (or beginning coders) using a visual programming language called ViZcOdE which is a bridge between high-level and low-level syntax and semantics. The goal of ViZcOdE was to allow users to select a language and using the drag and drop features to combine nodes which could accept inputs and produce outputs. There was set buttons as such : math, loops, logic conditionals, functions that when used in a series would generate code in the selected language and/or trans-pile the code in another language. We aimed to generate and trans-pile code in Python, Java, and C++ as they are the top three languages that have a diverse spread when it comes to syntax and semantics in honor of the language diversity challenge. Why build a compiler in 24hrs for a hackathon when neither participant has taken compilers, we saw an idle, Mr. Kelly Scott French, and we were determined to spread the knowledge bestowed upon thee, called Programming Languages. In the last few hours, it has been difficult, brain cells are not as functional with no sleep, was the challenge to hard? For two people yes, but it was a good in the moment learning project. The biggest challenge came at the end with generating body blocks as mixing logical and regular expressions needed many connections, setting up the UI with no prior information of tkinter also was an issue. Accomplishments: We split tasks, by writing what the languages appears in these 3 languages and creating a user interface using a model that included the tkinter package. The UI would allow users to create custom Code Segments which would attach to each other and when compiled would print generated code which could be used in that language. The UI is 70% complete with all functionality and readjusting the code generation would be around 60%. All in all, we are blessed for using other people’s compilers and glad we knew the purpose of pure dynamic programming taught by Mr. Kelly Scott French.

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