Due to COVID-19, millions of students across the world have been forced to quickly adapt to video lectures and online education. We often find ourselves in tutorial hell, and we don't even a video is not informative, unless we have actually watched it. Transcribing their lecture transcripts while also capturing the full lecture transcript so students can pay full attention to the lecture instead of being distracted with taking notes. And everyone has whatsapp, so its really easy to work with too!

What it does

It transcribes youtube videos, tells you quotes, and even gives you cat pictures!

How we built it

We used Assembly AI API, and Twilio API, python, flask

Challenges we ran into

The Twilio API converts all incoming messages to lowercase so Assembly API couldn't work with links.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with lots of code, creating, debugging, lots of code in around 36 hours, working with batch files, flask

What we learned

Working with batch files, Assembly API and Twilio API.

What's next for Vixt

Adding summaries, timestamped lectures. Adding clickable timestamps to play the video at that timestamp for more convenient navigation.

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