Premier League Highlights incorporates all the best moments of a particular game week. So, we found it cool to have a collection of stuff we wanted to view and what better medium than a video. Therefore we came up with the idea to present a person with a video comprising of his/her topics of interests.

What it does

Based on a person's twitter profile, a video comprising of smaller chunks is played. Each of those smaller chunks pertains to one or more of the person's likes. For example, if a person tweets about Seattle Sounders, vividly video is likely to show a classic goal score by the team.

How I built it

The backend is built on django. We used the regular HTML, CSS, Javascript for the frontend. We used pafy to download videos of interest, subprocesses to run bash scripts to extracts chunks from a video. All the extracting and combining was done using the command line tool ffmpeg.

Challenges I ran into

Working with video, audio streams as part of ffmpeg. Adjusting codecs, frame sizes etc.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Combining chunks of videos to create one main video programmatically.

What I learned

Writing wrappers, exploring varied tools.

What's next for

Adding functionality to merge quotations, screenshots etc. to the video.

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