VIVA HUNT - "The power of the masses using information for their own benefit and discovery"

Viva Hunt is a platform that allows you to discover the best products of different communities in Latin America. Everyone can post, vote and contribute to the community.

We aim to create a community where you can unlock startups, music, events and any vertical the community wants to discover. The aforementioned community curates the information and this facilitates a rapid discovery of these new products or events.

Why are we building this platform? We are a group of developers, designers and entrepreneurs from Colombia and Brazil who are passionate about building communities. Product Hunt inspired us to create our first category community for Latin American startups.

Problem: The Latin America startup ecosystem is growing exponentially, however, it is difficult to find a point of origin for you to uncover all the tremendous products and startups in region.

Solution: Viva Hunt/StartupLatam is the first platform in Latin America that brings together startups from the region, where everyone can discover and vote for their favorite products.

Target market: Early adopters who live in Latin America and are interested in discovering new products from different communities in the region.

Key features:

  1. Community curates the products.
  2. Different categories
  3. Post, vote and promote products

With Viva Hunt you will be able to discover the best products from Latin America :)

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