With the explosive growth of NFTs in other ecosystems, we realised that some important things were missing in Oasis Network. We saw that NFT communities were craving for sustainable tools that they could use everyday.

What it does

We aim to support Oasis NFT communities with our strong developer team. Our main product is called "Vitruvians Tools". It is a collection of useful tools which every NFT project owner and holders need.

How we built it

With love, 🌹 also with 10 years of development experience helped

Challenges we ran into

Compared to other blockchains, Oasis has obviously so few people involved in NFTs. This is the major drawback for us and that's why we aim to attract more people to Oasis.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team Vitruvians were born on April '22. In such a short time we already built a bunch of successful tools such as:

  • Discord Role Machine
  • Safe NFT Transfer tool
  • Sales & Listing Bots
  • Whitelist Management Tool
  • Rarity Tool
  • Raffles, auctions

Meanwhile the following tools are on development:

  • Stake as a service
  • NFT Sniper
  • NFT Dashboard

What we learned

We had the opportunity to share our demo tools with some project owners. We had very positive feedbacks from them. We also realised that there is a lack of Oasis developers interested in NFTs. Project leaders didn't know how to fulfill their need for basic tools like staking, whitelist management, raffles, etc. That made us believe that we are on the right track.

What's next for Vitruvians Tools

We will start with an OG community of 777 Vitruvians. After completion of our tools we will have strong bonds with other NFT communities and with our brand Vitruvians will be recognized more and more. As the next step, we will aim to build a very prestigious community in Oasis. We will issue 10.000 pfp NFTs with unique art. The Vitruvians ecosystem will be supported by our erc20 token.

Our ecosystem will be the perfect combination of beautiful art and technique, as represented by Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

 Contract deployment information

NFT 0x0b4f21c20Df2B59EFf9A6Fc2CC870B4566879817 ERC20 0xbCceaa4A0F8510957C37bb1dd8b51A7256206ED3 Market 0x001e7cEDc79e5B139eE91619beE7C8d21f71ADDA Airdrop 0xe1352e69Fc6aa4aFc8cBE120aDA37338af363E2c Dex 0xfCe29ab5EfDaf120B48e4d107Fd5b80d0824A627 Gift 0xeECe957e5dcdA79a5911711352BD4A45EBC8afA1

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