While it is recommended to workout and widely accepted that working out increases one’s health, it is often difficult to know how to start. Many beginners turn to social media fitness influencers, e-book programs, online videos, and/or personal trainers to start their fitness journey. While these resources can all instruct a user on what exercises to perform, they often do not accurately show a user how to perform the exercises and the proper technique to use to activate the correct muscles. The problem with using improper form is that there is an increased risk of injury as well as less than optimal progress. Our solution, Vitruvian, is an accessible, low cost product targeting individuals who are starting or who are already well into their fitness journey to provide them with technique feedback in order to reduce the risk of injury. The project consists of software and hardware components all encompassed within a users smartphone. The phone’s camera will be used to record a user working out and a computer vision algorithm will use the recording to analyze an individual's skeletomuscular structure, and limb and joint positioning. The software will accurately determine an individual's technique by finding the angles between limbs and will provide technique correction feedback by comparing the individuals limb angles with standard safe exercises. The product will be accessible and have an easy to use interface for individuals with a smartphone.

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