The inspiration for this web application stems from how personally this topic resonates with the team members of VitaminSHE. Our team is an all women’s team and have either personally experienced or spoken to other females within our own communities the consequences of a vitamin or mineral deficiency.

What it does

Our project is VitaminSHE, a web app that aims to help improve women's health, health care, and well-being through vitamin intake worldwide. VitaminShe has three processes. Firstly it helps women know their daily vitamin and mineral intake. Secondly, we provide food recommendations for each category of essential vitamins and minerals. Lastly, we have a feature that will allow individuals to find a nearby clinic to get a blood check-up to have a clear idea about their Vitamin levels.

How we built it

Overall, using our knowledge of Python, we have a simulation where the user enters their age, weight, and height, and are returned their daily required intake. Our expertise in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS allows for a vivid user experience when navigating through our application. Finally, we used Django to bridge the gap between front-end and back-end to get our web application on the web server.

Challenges we ran into

Having very little information on the internet was a deterrent to us but we still tried harder finding any data sets on how Vitamins affect women of different height and weights which means that our application is not the most reliable. None of the team members knew how to use django, therefore we had to learn that from scratch. Also we did not know how to connect the frontend to the backend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to build a platform as unique and new to the internet made us very proud. Having a running webapp ready in 48 hours with our goal being achieved is what encouraged us participate in more such hackathons.

What we learned

We learned how to communicate our ideas and opinions amongst the team. Working on a gender gap issue enlightened our team on the issues faced by women globally. To collaborate on the same workspace we made use of VSCode Live Share which was something new.

What's next for VitmainSHE

Trying to improve the UI design of the web app, incorporating automatic tracker for the food intake using Machine Learning. Bridging the frontend to the backend. Including more features such as a tracker that reminds users that it is time for them to take their vitamins.

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