Frequent drivers know the frustration of parking. In metropolises such as downtown Vancouver, traffic and parking dissatisfaction is much more pronounced. To ease workers’ commute experience, VileParking aims to replace the still-abundant coin meters and improve open parking searches in Vancouver and other metropolises by automating parking searches and payments. VileParking will also future-proof city infrastructure by collaborating with governments to enable the seamless integration of autonomous vehicles and IoT into the city’s roads.

What it does

The core features comprise a real-time license plate detection system and a mobile application to interface with users. Camera detects the presence of a car Camera obtains the license plate number Camera records the parking duration once the car has left Camera transfers the license plate number and parking duration to the ViteParking mobile app ViteParking finds the car owner using the license plate number in a cloud database and their corresponding banking details

How we built it

Figma was used to design the front-end mobile app UI, which was then converted to CSS code. Google Vision API is used to identify and label the presence of a car before using Google OCR to capture the license plate number. MongoDB is used to store user details, banking information, and license plate number. ViteParking communicates the license plate number and parking duration for charging the appropriate amount to the associated user’s balance based on the parking spot’s pricing.

A miniature car model is 3D printed for the MVP demonstration.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Functioning algorithm that detects cars, records license plates, and adjusts database based on the information collected. Mock-up of the mobile application Performance within the team. Great synergy!

What we learned

UI/UX development Integration of APIs

What's next for ViteParking

UI/UX and back-end design refinement Embed google maps to find available parking locations Back-end coding to match all mock-up prototype features Implement credit/debit card transaction system Implement firebase for information security Logistics Add image capture of the parked car’s license plate to show within the app Partnerships with parking lots and spaces Collaboration with governments for public pay parking Hardware Camera for image/video capture with wireless data transfer Mechanical Robust street-side or indoor parking mount for cameras

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