To help to make a better decision, the data visualization is the first step in any kind of data analysis project. This is because it gives you an intuitive understanding, and quick way to test any hypothesis that you might have. It also gives you different perspectives in different ways, so data visualization is really powerful to make a better decision. We wanted to build a web app to visualizing data to quickly draw attention to the key message.

What it does

We used Vitech's V3 API which is built in REST-API to query and filter the data to analysis simulated insurance advertisement data. It contains the information of each policyholder, types of insurance and advertisement data. By using the data, we aggregate and summarize them to overlaid on charts on a web app.

How we built it

Since Python has many science and math libraries which will make working with data much easier compared to many other languages, we built a web app by using python, flask, javascript, and open source javascript library. We have broken down the data into small specific categories and turned data into multiple visual graphs in different categories.

Challenges we ran into

It was the first time we tried to make a web application and analyze big data using python. We needed to think and research for how to deal with such a huge database to make a smooth user experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Data visualization gives you an intuitive understanding and a quick way to test any hypothesis that you might have. it will also give you a different perspective as you slice data in different ways, which you can do quickly and effectively with data visualization! We particularity used Python and Javascript for data visualization purposes.

What we learned

We learned data analyzing skills using python and many libraries related to accomplishing our goal

What's next for Vitech Visualization

We want to contribute our web app to handle more complex data and apply similar techniques to analyze other data that can be useful in various ways.

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