For the interface of our visualization and input screens we drew inspiration from Dribble, looking for a user friendly, simple and professional design. Specifically for the visualization, we wanted to incorporate an interactive component with a sleek design, drawing inspiration from existing exceptional visualizations.

What it does

Our project is designed to help users compare insurance plans by providing an interactive visualization of the plan features and a suggestion for what plan they should buy based on plans bought by previous individuals with similar attributes. It also includes a detailed design for the home page user interface and survey questions chosen based on data provided by vitech. Our project does not do the calculations itself.

How we built it

The homepage user interface and survey questions were build using Adobe XD, drawing inspiration from Dribble. The results page was created with d3. Some static elements are on the results page, combined with the interactive data visualization element created with d3 to compare plans. We used tensorflow and R to perform statistical analysis on the data Vitech provided.

Challenges we ran into

Initially we had planned React for displaying our user interface elements and incorporating d3 into React. It wasn't successful for us to use React due to the unfamiliar nature of react, different from the current skill set of our team member. We also ran into some technical difficulties using d3, but these were able to be solved using Google searches and thinking of creative approaches to the problem. D3 was also a new js library that we weren't previously familiar with. Tensorflow was used in attempt to create a machine learning model however we ran into issues with scraping the vitech api for data used in training.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It is one of our team member's first hackathon, so we are proud that we were successfully able to work together in a team of 3 to create something worthwhile to hand in. We are also proud of the new skills that were learned along the way and the hard work that was put into our project.

What I learned

We expanded our skills by learning how to use d3 and React(sorta). We also learned how much hard work needs to be put in to solving these practical problems provided by companies.

What's next for Vitech Intellisurance

Next for Vitech is to decide on their preferred design for a user interface and to implement it on their website along with interesting and practical visualizations that make sense for their users and improve the user experience.

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