There are a lot of health and fitness tracking apps that allow you to record your meals to keep track of the calories you gain. However, these are highly inconvenient as a lot of time and effort is spent in typing out nutritional information about the product (Ex: Noom Coach). Therefore, we wanted to develop an easier and more convenient (AI and AR driven) way to keep track of the calories you gain and lose everyday.

What it does

  • Uses AI to obtain product/brand name information using Google Cloud Vision and uses AR to measure the size of the product so that an accurate match can be found.
  • Obtains nutritional information using Algolia and other nutritional database APIs (Nutritionix) and records the calories gained per day.
  • Uses and Google Maps to obtain running/jogging information that will be calculated based on location chosen in order to meet calorie loss goals that is aided by in inbuilt Pedometer.
  • Calculates calories gained/lost and helps the user visualize the nutritional information along with BMI information using a timeline and charts.

How we built it

Coded in/using Java, XML, SQL, Algolia,, Google Cloud Platform.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with location based calorie loss tracking was a problem that took a long time to fix. Constraint Layout to Linear Layout conversion was another thing that we had to figure out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How to combine APIs in interesting and exciting ways to create something amazing.

What we learned

How to integrate various components of an Android Studio project together using GitHub.

What's next for Vitamin.AI

More cross-functionality leading to better access across services offered by the app. One possible idea would be to pair to pair with local health to allow them to advertise on our platform utilizing the location access, calories information, and connectives to products used. This would lets us raise revenue as a selling platform based on the niche market of health educated users.

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