VitalWatch - Worker health monitoring system 🏥

Inspiration :sparkles:

Each year around thousands of mine workers die due to delay in getting medical assistance. Taking that as our inspiration We have made a platform to monitor health vitals and working environment so that emergency services can be contacted swiftly.

What it does :rocket:

Our IoT device gathers data like health vitals, Geo-location and environment constants for the worker and provides it to the maintainer. This ensures the maintainer can take quick action in case of mishaps.

How we built it 🔧

We Built VitalWatch using Arduino Mega, SIM 900A, GSM Module, MQ-X Gas sensors, DT11, Temperature and Humidity Sensors, IR contact Less Temperature Sensor and heart Beat Monitor. Our realtime portal is made using React and Express

We made a realtime connection between the hardware and the software to monitor every possible threat to the worker's life. By using sensors like MQ-X, we are able to receive environmental data like CO, CH4. C2H2 percentage in the Environment, so that we can predict any chances of suffocation to the worker.

Future Planning 🔮

  • Emergency SMS Service
  • 2 way voice communication between Maintainer and Worker.

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