Every Hero Has A Heartbeat!

How can we beat a virus if we're ten days behind? We need data. Julie is a 32 year old wife and mother of 2. She's been in quarantine with the kids but can't shake her fears that she or her husband might have been exposed. She feels hopeless as she keeps hearing about the ventilator shortages and the spread of COVID. What can she do? Having an app to check the critical vitals like oxygen saturation and heart rate is enough to at least keep her motivation going through the rigors of homeschooling. She even makes her husband check his, family vital signs. She hopes, worst case, she can show the medical team at the ER what her vitals have been while she is asymptomatic. At best, she won't be a false positive on the health hotlines or at the hospitals because Jason, her husband, got a cough. She wants to do her part for her family and her community. Every little bit helps.

Larry hasn't been feeling like himself lately but he's tough and can usually power through. He has not idea that his blood pressure is off the charts and that his shortness of breath is really a decline in his oxygen saturation. By the time he needs help, its more than shortness of breath. His diabetes doesn't help the situation. He rushes to the ER, alone, not wanting to scare his family. He doesn't know anyone there and no one there knows him. How long have you been feeling this way? Not sure. How long have you had difficulty breathing? A few days. General and vague answers from Larry, who is now in distress.

We have to get ahead. And the only way to do that is with data. Right now, between smartphones, smart watches and fitness trackers, we can empower folks to take, log and share their vitals. They can arrive with days of vitals in hand. Giving medical professionals a jump on their current situation.

On the other side of the data, advanced and secure database paired with machine learning and AI can begin to see and identify clusters of concern, declines in oxygen saturation, increases in temperature, abnormal blood pressure. Can we begin to see the problem before patients are symptomatic? Can we shorten the time gap between exposure and diagnosis?

Vitalverse empowers everyone to begin sharing critical measurements that can get us on the predictive side of the Covid-19 pandemic. By using the Vitalverse mobile application, everyone can begin taking a daily set of vitals. Vitalverse can integrate with Samsung S series that have FDA-rated oxygen saturation, heart rate and blood pressure monitors. Add body temperature, respiratory rate and a daily wellness survey and we have qualitative and quantitative data that can shift our understanding of how this pandemic progresses throughout our population. Future integrations could include any smart device that is capable of taking these measurements. We need buy in from folks to help be part of the solution.

Vitalverse uses Android Studio with Samsung SDK for the Android app, focused initially on the FDA-rated sensors that can capture the majority of the vital signs needed to assess health status. Vitalverse also allows for manual entry that would be weighted differently in public health data sets but still allow for maximum participation.

Our team ran into the challenge of actually fully integrating the application with the database/visualization features but we are super excited about the prototype.

Sometimes we miss what is right in front of us. We were asked if this was a wellness app or a medical app and we could honestly answer: both. Folks want to do something! They want to be a part of the solving this wicked problem, channel their fear into one small task each day and get some relief.

We learned that we can do powerful data analysis and still make something that provides a daily check in for many people.

We're hoping to get sponsorship/support from the larger tech companies that could really make this a success, not for us, but we really think this will help. Every hero has a heartbeat. Vitalverse, the heartbeat of humanity, vitals for community response.

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