We have all been in the situation of visiting a doctor and after you leave the office, it suddenly hits you that you forgot a few symptoms to tell her.

What it does

Our app attempts to alleviate this problem by creating a logging system for those symptoms, with a specific focus on people that need to go to the doctor on a frequent basis, like recent kidney transplant patients. And, if the patient chooses, they can share that information continuously with the doctor, and this application attempts to rank how high-risk a patient is so that a medical staff can see the changes in their patients' condition and if they are at a high risk for rejection.

How I built it

VitalLogs is made with JavaScript and a JavaScript Framework called Ember.js.

What's next for VitalLogs

We want to possibly cater to a broader range of chronic or high-touch patients like branching out into other types of transplants or possibly working with diabetics.

Built With

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