Inspiration: For those with dietary restrictions and/or existing health conditions, every meal makes a difference, and we have found that it is difficult for these people to meet their dietary needs. Especially from personal experience with family members and younger siblings, our team understands the struggles that come with having specific dietary needs. Lactose-intolerance, nut allergies, and several other dietary restrictions can be difficult to work around in your everyday life, taking up both time and effort. Combined with a tight schedule, managing your healthy food choices can be stressful.

What it does: Our web app, Vitality, allows users to browse easy-to-make recipes based on any dietary needs ranging from vegan to pescatarian, as well as religious restrictions and allergies. The vast database of available recipes ensures our users have a variety of options to choose from, and that they can choose them based on available ingredients. Users can also add dishes to their list of favorite recipes, access important dietary and nutrition information, and can look at previous recipes and interesting recommendations.

How we built it: We used HTML and CSS to create a basic framework for our webpage, and utilized Javascript to improve its functionalities. We also used UiPath to screen scrape information for diabetes and other health conditions from a Harvard Management Study.

Challenges we ran into: Before yesterday, we had never used UiPath, and learning about its features and trying to incorporate it into our web page was time-consuming. We struggled with debugging our sequence, but ultimately was able to get our process to work through watching tutorials. Additionally, we struggled to use some important APIs such as Radar, and we were unable to get them to work in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Incorporating UiPath was a challenging experience, but after hours of trial and error, we were able to create a basic process to access valuable information. Our sequence screen scraped text from a pdf which we incorporated into our website to provide dietary information to users. In addition, we are proud of how we used a combination of Glitch, Atom, and GitHub in order to write the website together as a team of four.

What we learned: By creating Vitality we actually learnt how to use UiPath, which was something new to us. After getting more comfortable with it, we were able to utilize its features and successfully incorporate it into our project. This project also developed our skills in teamwork and communication as we collaborated to work together on the project.

What's next for vitality? In the future, Vitality will allow users to take a picture of the inside of their fridge and will receive recommended recipes using computer vision and AI applications. If the user does not have certain ingredients necessary for the recipe, we hope to incorporate the Radar API to give users immediate suggestions of where they can buy their missing ingredients.

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