Ever since COVID-19 struck, the western world has experienced what many rural parts of the world have been experiencing for years: shortage of physical medical aid. To make spaces at hospitals for increasing COVID patients coupled with fear of contracting COVID by visiting hospitals, many who were sick, stayed home. I still remember my mother calling her doctor through a video communications tool to get diagnosed. When everything goes remote, so does medical diagnostics.

Many of breast cancer patients are at huge risk of getting serious illness if affected by Covid

We hope Vital Connect can offer a solution to this problem.

We hope to empower doctors to make diagnostics quicker and easier by providing them with all the necessary data. If one doctor can do the work of many, the impact of medical professional shortage diminishes. Next, we don’t want distance to be a barrier to accessing healthcare. Regardless of where one lives, we want them to be able to get diagnosed. Vital Connect takes your medical data and uploads it to the cloud, able to be accessed by trusted medical professionals - wherever they are.

What it does


Our hardware collects multiple vital signs (e.g. heartbeat, temperature) and uploads it to firebase.


The doctor is able to view those data (both static and live-monitored) to make early diagnostics.

Privacy and Encryption:

The abide by HIPAA and to ensure user privacy is upheld, end-to-end encryption is implemented (see attached image for more details).

How we built it

Our frontend is a mobile application made with React Native for cross platform compatibility. We used Google Chart API to show the pulse graph. Our backend is a node.js server hosted on IBM Cloud's cloud foundry platform. We collect the data from multiple devices and store it in firebase's realtime database. We encrypt the data as we send it from the hardware to firebase. We also plan to use IBM Blockchain platform to freely available the medical data anonymously so that other people can research on it or do data science work.

Group 4

Challenges we ran into

  • Deciding on the frontend (Flutter vs. React Native)
  • Encrypting our data from the hardware to firebase
  • Trying to write smart contracts for IBM Blockchain platform with Solidity
  • Learning how to develop mobile applications with React Native

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Streamed live data from hardware to firebase
  • Had a functioning frontend made with React Native at the end

What's next for Vital Connect

  • Suggestion system that evaluates collected vital sign data and make automatic recommendations to patients through notifications
  • Full implementation of blockchain technology with IBM Blockchain platform
  • Scaling our hardware for wider distribution at lower costs, ready-made for rural area medical professionals
  • Video communications feature to consult with medical professionals from faraway

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