Millions of people have conditions where air quality can drastically change the state of their health. Because such conditions are common, we must find ways to mitigate its effects.All three of us are from California. We have seen the recent unprecedented weather changes and natural disasters that have occurring more frequently than ever in California. We wanted to create something that not only help fellow Californians navigate safe locations, minimize respiratory diseases and optimize air quality but also anyone around the world. Our platform equally advocates for safety, health and awareness.

What it does

Vital air is a new platform that allows users to navigate weather anywhere around the world and report detailed feedback. Users can integrate their pre existing health conditions or any health concerns into our app and get instant feedback on the air quality of their destination. Vital Air predicts:

  1. Flu Outbreaks
  2. Allergies
  3. Pollution Levels
  4. Your chances of getting sick

How we built it

We used javascript, html, css, java , angular.js, node.js for the web app. We used Marvel to create the mobile app prototype design.We used Wix Code to build the website, HTML and Javascript to build the external html page for the website

Challenges we ran into

We initially tried to shape our vision and integrate our code with Wix. However, Wix doesn't support a dynamic google map yet (google map that has a changing number of markers,) so we tried to make another html page and to embed that in the "Search Location" page.We then tried to create a web app instead.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Users are able to view daily forecasts before conducting outdoor activities, subscribe to notifications on air quality changes anywhere in the world, and track the progress of your health through health summary reports.

What we learned

Helping people navigate through their everyday activities does more than convenience lives. Our vision for Vital Air is for it to be a mobile app that runs in the background of every mobile phone, allowing users to be better informed and to make better decisions.

What's next for Vital Air

Our vision is to expand the user interface of Vital Air into a more extensive and sophisticated level with availability across all digital platforms. Some of the feature include working with research hospitals to local clinics to offer best feedback from certified health experts. In addition, our app can recommend FDA approved remedies and pharmaceuticals in case of allergies and other unforeseen events. Vital Air not only focus on helping individuals but also on building a community that is aware and positively contributing to our environment. Through new features like VitalGo, we can arrange traveling experiences with Habitat for Humanity and other non profit environmental organizations.

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