We attend BU's job fair where they handed out a 30 page packet of companies attending. Not only was this a waste of paper, but it was lacking a "search" feature. We also had about 30 copies of our Resume printed out on paper that we had to go digging into a folder to find it. This brought about Vitae.

What it does

This app brings Job fairs to enter the 21st Century. It allows you to share your resume efficiently from Google Docs and 100% paperless. It also allows you to see companies that are attending the Job Fair and search there list of needed employees.

How we built it

Front end using Swift for iOS app, backend node.js, express and hosted on Heroku

Challenges we ran into

Google Drive API, Express uploading files, storing files local on device

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to sign in with Google, Upload a file, generate a QR Code, Scan it and show Resume.

What we learned

iOS front end tricks and HTTP requests

What's next for Vitae

Testing, allow company reps to upload their information.

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